Cross strait relations cooled ” three limit six ” do not change the number of mainland stu cibi

Cross strait relations cooled " three limit six " do not change the number of mainland students dropped   Taiwan education original title: the number of students in Taiwan, mainland students dropped for the end of the exchange, farewell and Taiwan students. (image) in September has been to the school opened one after another. Some universities in Taiwan in the consolidation of the mainland exchange student list, found that the number is significantly reduced compared with previous years, and often the whole school students do not come, the collective loss. A university president said that over the past year to Taiwan the number of short-term exchange students are very stable, the new year for the first time the emergence of the phenomenon of decline in the number of universities students, Starving people fill the land. bitter herbs, and a school a semester tuition income is reduced nearly 10 million yuan (NT, the same below). The short-term exchange plummeted according to Taiwan media reports, the cross-strait relations cooling and other factors, college students in Taiwan exchange number decline, many schools at least one to 30% reduction. Tainan, a well-known private school, in the past, there are more than 200 trainees, this semester at the end of August only 10 people signed up. Vice president of the school said in the past, each semester with Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have close cooperation, with an average of more than 200 of the trainees on the school curriculum. This semester soon, the school has been received, the school said it could not come to call the temporary, only 10 people determined to come up to 90% decline in five, specifically when Bandon skylight. Vice President Zhang Hongde said, the south, the new semester on campus short number of trainees 60% less than last year. In the past, there were 300 people in each term, and the new semester dropped to just over more than and 130. According to statistics, in the past the new university in Taiwan, sister school each semester at least 850 people studying in Taiwan, the new semester for the first time the number of dips, only 750 people to report a drop of 10% to five. The short-term trainees per semester tuition and accommodation fees totaling 100 thousand yuan (40 thousand yuan accommodation, 60 thousand yuan tuition fees), statistics annual income reduced by about 10 million yuan. The DPP "legislator Wu Siyao said," Taiwan higher education "Riyuetan Pool" affect the competitiveness. Private schools to recruit a large number of short-term learning terrestrial, "a make a", like the mainland tourists to Taiwan for sightseeing Riyuetan Pool dragon run. Wu Siyao said that the most worrying is that Taiwan gradually lost its appeal to the continent, according to the mainland survey, in 2014, the largest number of mainland students to study in the top 6 countries for the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Britain, South korea. According to the report, there are two different types of land, one is to pursue a degree, one is short-term learning. In addition to the decline in the number of short-term exchange students, the number of students is also reduced. Taiwan, Minister of education Pan Wenzhong recently for the cross-strait education exchanges slowed response to the Legislative Yuan to make a report. He confirmed that the 2016 school year, the number of students enrolled in land decreased by 203. Both students and students to reduce communication, the reasons behind the thought-provoking. Taiwan’s education sector in 2014 to open the island’s public universities to recruit bachelor degree students, but only 5 places per school. Hung Chen, vice president of National Chiao Tung University, said the island’s public universities tied hands tied feet, how to recruit good students? Taiwan ""相关的主题文章: