Create a fusion of three industries the ecological health of the beautiful town of its health didadi

Create a fusion of "three industries" the ecological health of the beautiful town of   its health town – the town of grand opening food channel, September 28th, Longliqi health town town held a grand ceremony, from Jiangsu Province, around the County Tourism Bureau, the Yangtze River Delta, the travel agency, and more than 20 media reporters attended the opening ceremony of the town. Its chairman Xu Zhiwei as the opening speech for the town enterprise map of Jiangsu Province, the country, County Tourism Bureau, the Yangtze River Delta travel agency in the town at the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech, the small town construction achievements fully affirmed and said Longliqi health further encourage the construction and development of. Xinzhuang Town Party Secretary Ding Qi said in his speech: currently in town construction projects Longliqi health achievements have to build Changshu’s delicate global tourism has made the model, is an effective way to achieve quality and efficiency of the industry. President of the Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Association left a ring said in his speech: Longliqi wellness town relying on the unique advantages of resources, to create a strong existing health culture of the town, walked out of a road of development by industry driven industrial integration development model, its innovative development of the tourism industry in Jiangsu province and Tourism supply side reform to an important exemplary and leading role, but also for the development of Jiangsu, Suzhou health town, set an example and provide experience. Its chairman Xu Zhiwei in his speech said: the development of enterprises, in the economic construction and spiritual civilization construction, the construction of enterprise culture and ecological civilization needs unified planning, implementation, together with. Enterprises in the construction of ecological civilization, not only related to the survival and sustainable development of enterprises, but also related to the harmonious development of enterprises social and natural properties, as well as the development of enterprises by the single economic indicator to the resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises or enterprises turn green demand. Many of the development of a long history of international enterprises, are from the development of small enterprises, intelligent, green, innovative and humane spirit of the town planning, can do a solid foundation for the century to do business. It is reported that, as the first batch of "national industrial tourism demonstration sites, its health town in the early construction, made from planning and design, infrastructure, architecture character, overall coordination, culture, natural environment and the public reputation and other aspects of the construction standard. In "healthy" as the goal, focus on elements of aggregation, efficiency "principle, constantly optimize the industrial layout, the second is the core foundation to build three endowed with characteristics of the service industry, the establishment of tourism companies, catering companies, hotels, built with Miller music markets and other functional facilities, the construction of 50000 the square of the theme park – east snake Park, was built in Jiangsu province since the founding of the new planning and construction of the biggest Zhenwu road open field activities and religious activities; at the same time the company advocates unlimited service for business philosophy, won the multi format owners settled, as usual, Ke Long supermarket and financial system of Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, agricultural firms and other four major banks and small loan companies settled in Hong Yun town, more and more hotels, stores, department stores, barber shop, fruit shop and other services The main town agglomeration longliqi. The collection of these businesses to the town showing a vigorous vitality and external相关的主题文章: