Cobra escape, stop reporters what is the use running man 20130908

Cobra escape, stop reporters what is the use? According to reports, the Nanjing Liuhe District Xiongzhou streets Shan Bei Cun undocumented snake farms, more than and 200 poisonous Bengal Cobra accident escape, there are still more than and 50 not found. At present, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau and the procuratorial organs have been involved in the investigation, the remaining Cobra Snake farms will be confiscated, waiting for further processing. After the disclosure of relevant information, the public is very concerned about the matter, the media also said that the follow-up report. But in October 12th, two journalists in the male state street with cobra escape incident, but was a cadre pushing one of the reporters on the ground, his arms still pushing caught red. Reporters were told that the leadership is not, in the two floor of the community was fully aired for two hours, and later found a bunch of leaders in the first floor of the meeting, so they are surrounded by the past. This is just normal. But reporters want to enter the conference room interview, was blocked by the cadres, causing the confusion, and the occurrence of physical conflict. Things are not big, but exposed some of the local grassroots departments do not want to face the media, worried about the mentality of public opinion, as well as the attitude of the rough way of coping. The incident has been so long, snake progress is so slow, all the villagers and local officials in addition to always on tenterhooks, a simple response after no statement and news release. The media is coming, there’s no need to be so mysterious. Besides, snake action was not a state secret, and not involving personal privacy, the media to understand the relevant progress, not only legitimate, but also to help appease the local do interpretation work, why should a thousand li away, so rude? Of course, we also understand that involved snake farms, undocumented illegal, local streets and communities have oversight and supervision responsibility, will inevitably worry about media exposure to adverse. However, the lack of supervision and dereliction of duty, itself is wrong; and on this basis to refuse the supervision of public opinion, it is self deception, quite unwise. It is not only It doesn’t help the situation. wrong, really should not.相关的主题文章: