Chinese mobile phone changes (four) Ali LETV admission shake the pattern of the original capital yvette yates

Chinese mobile phone changes (four): Ali LETV admission capital shake the pattern of the original editor’s note: change has occurred in. If in the era of mobile Internet and smart mobile phone, the biggest change in the global mobile phone industry is NOKIA itself that sold to Microsoft, apple won the most profit by iPhone, then the changes of Chinese mobile phone company in these years, it is difficult to use a word to speak clearly. From the initial China cool joint to two years ago, millet and then HUAWEI OPPO, vivo, each company had unlimited scenery, will inadvertently fall to the bottom. Products, channels, advertising, marketing, capital, which is the most important factor in the change of the mobile phone companies around the four factors, but also we analyze the point of view. Tencent science and technology for four consecutive days to launch the analysis of the article, the depth analysis of the domestic mobile phone industry drastic changes. The following is a big change China mobile phone fourth series reports: Ali LETV admission shake the pattern of the original capital. Science and technology Tencent Wang Pan early 2014, Meizu founder Huang Zhang to take charge of the company’s first thing is to analyze the success of millet road. In his view, the success of millet in addition to marketing, is the capital operation, only the capital operation in order to maximize the interests of the realization of multi. "Nothing is difficult to win success, only more win, can be combined with more power, thus invincible." Huang Zhang said. Meizu began to change this, Huang Zhang decided to expand the product line, the introduction of external investment, to come up with 20% of the individual shares to start employee stock ownership plan. Then, vice president Meizu across the country to meet with investors, over and over again about Meizu’s future. Ma Yun (micro-blog) and Huang Zhang (right) in February 2015, a joint Alibaba Haitong fund investment Meizu $650 million, including $590 million Alibaba. Then there is more news that Meizu has been gambling with ALI, 2015 mobile phone sales to reach 20 million units. Although Meizu repeatedly denied, but after the introduction of capital changes quickly began to highlight. 2015, Meizu added Charm Blue and Meizu PRO brand, the formation of Meizu PRO, MX and charm blue high school three brands parallel strategy. This year, Meizu held nearly ten press conference, with the previous year only released a product to form a strong contrast. In addition, the Meizu line stores also expanded to 2000. Meizu mobile phone sales volume is from about 4000000 in 2014 to 350% in 2015 soared more than 20 million. In fact, after the introduction of the capital to boost shipments crazy is not a case. Many people have said to the Tencent in the mobile phone industry of science and technology, LETV also completed a $530 million financing after the big mobile phone subsidies, LETV mobile phone sales tend to price lower than the cost price, multiple types of LETV mobile phone each selling a LETV will lose hundreds of dollars, to help sell increased. May of this year, as the music announced that the first year after the release of its mobile phone sold 10 million mobile phones, this data even beyond the first year of the establishment of millet shipments. The small mobile phone manufacturers are strangling capital capital blessing, is the music, Meizu and other mobile phone manufacturers to continue the war where emboldened, also will be!相关的主题文章: