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China’s richest man inventory: Liu Xiaoqing and Wang Jianlin between a few ma? Sohu finance mentioned Chinese’s richest man, the focus of attention is easy to concentrate to Wang Jianlin and Ma body, but in fact they are only in the last two years of the mainland’s richest man, before them, and the old generation of entrepreneurs, Zong Qinghou is still Wong Kwong Yu in prison, and the 26 became the richest man in the Yang Huiyan and so on. Today went to inventory the readable financial Chinese richest man. Over the years: Liu Xiaoqing | China richest film star in 1999 the British Hoogewerf discharged China history and a wealth of international standards list, China won the first international standard wealth ranking first is the film star Liu Xiaoqing, and Liu Xiaoqing at that time just from prison, the net worth of 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan. Rong Yiren: | China International Trust Investment Company | financial trade Rong Yiren is to become the richest man in the China at the age of 89, in 1957 it was praised by Chen Yi as "red capitalists", or the former vice chairman of People’s Republic of China. In: Liu Yonghao, Liu Yonghang brothers | new hope group | finance, real estate and dairy products in the field of 2001, Liu Yonghao and Liu Yonghang became Forbes and Hurun "double" Chinese’s richest man, the total net worth of 8 billion 300 million yuan. As the reform and opening up 30 years can not stand the entrepreneur, Liu Yonghao has gone through the arduous process of success from the poor mountain village, also known as barefoot richest man". In 2002 Larry Yung Chi Kin | CITIC Pacific Group | property, infrastructure, CITIC Group Chairman Larry Yung Chi Kin became the richest man in the net worth of 7 billion 50 million yuan double. His father is a famous red capitalist Rong Yiren. In 1986, Larry Yung Chi Kin entered CITIC Hongkong director general manager, in support of the State Council, conducted a series of acquisitions, but the most important is the balls, backdoor fragrant Pacific development market, officially renamed CITIC pacific. In 2003 Ding Lei | NetEase | Internet field, NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei became the richest man in the net worth of 7 billion 500 million yuan China. Worked with Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Zhidong was called "the Three Musketeers network". 2005, 2008: Wong Kwong Yu | Gome group | appliance retail chain Wong Kwong Yu Chinese were to become the richest man in 2004, 2005, 2008, 2008, net worth has reached 43 billion yuan. It is now one of the representatives of Chaoshang, creating a chain model China appliance retail precedent has been called "Chinese commercial chain giant". In 2010, due to illegal business, insider trading was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but in 2013, Wong Kwong Yu is still in prison to 20 billion of assets ranked Hurun list 39. 2 years: Zhang Yin | light chemical Nine Dragons Paper Co. Ltd. | Nine Dragons Paper Co. Ltd. chairman Zhang Yin in 2006, 27 billion yuan in family wealth to become the year’s richest man, is the world’s richest women who start empty-handed..相关的主题文章: