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Chinese Yuzhou Chinese medicine Fair opened   signed 21 INVESTMENT 18 billion 700 million – Henan – opening ceremony in Yuzhou on 30 September, (Qi Yifang) Yuzhou Yaoxiang event, such as. The morning of September 29th, King Sun Simiao Cultural Festival and the Eleventh Yuzhou Chinese Chinese Medicine Trade Fair opening, entrepreneurs from around the country and industry elite gathered in Henan Yuzhou, carry out various forms of medical and cultural exchanges and economic and trade negotiation activities, to discuss cooperation in the development of Chinese medicine in meter. In recent years, Yuzhou traditional Chinese medicine industry has made great progress, and has successively become the first batch of Chinese herbal medicine industry origin County, Chinese herbal medicine circulation traceability system construction pilot unit, the only Chinese herbal medicine processing demonstration base. At the same time, the inheritance of the Millennium Chinese medicine culture has been carried forward, "Yuzhou Medicine Association" and "Yuzhou traditional Chinese medicine processing skills" were selected in the national and Henan intangible cultural heritage list. The opening ceremony, the Yuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Wang Hongwu said, in the face of the economic development of the new normal and rare strategic opportunity, Yuzhou has always been to the inheritance of TCM culture, adhere to the revitalization of Chinese medicine industry does not shake, to do "a little while", create a "business city", to promote "a turn up". The future, Yuzhou city will gather strength to "a little while", with Yao Wang culture as a link, set up exchanges, cooperation and win-win platform; create a "business city", the Chinese medicine industry as the leading industry of Yuzhou started to focus on cultivating, "Central Plains medicine health town planning and construction; promote" a turn up, with the Chinese medicine industry and Yaodu town construction as the breakthrough point, to promote the city’s comprehensive restructuring, industrial upgrading". On the day of the opening ceremony, the first forum was held successfully, and it also brought new vitality to Yuzhou. The forum contributed to 21 signed cooperation projects, with a total investment of 18 billion 700 million yuan. Among them, 11 industrial projects, 6 traditional Chinese medicine projects, three production projects 2, 2 new energy projects. Wang Wenjie, vice mayor of Xuchang, said: "we will do our best to provide" high quality, high efficiency, smooth "service to contract projects, and strive to promote the project early landing, early completion, early effect." It is understood that at present, Yuzhou has basically formed a centralized medicinal materials planting, processing of Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese patent medicine production, Chinese herbal medicine warehousing, logistics and Chinese medicine cultural tourism and other relatively complete industrial system. Has completed the standardization of Chinese herbal medicine production base 25, planting area of 400 thousand acres, Yaonong, drug workers engaged in planting and processing of nearly 100 thousand people, Chinese herbal medicine planting industry annual output value of 700 million yuan. Source: – Henan branch network     09 2016 30 August 11:34 share to: (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Xiaona) 中国禹州中医药交易会开幕 签约21项投资187亿–河南分网–人民网 开幕式现场 人民网禹州9月30日电 (戚艺芳)药乡禹州,盛会如约。9月29日上午,药王孙思邈文化节暨第十一届中国禹州中医药交易会开幕,来自全国各地的企业家和业界精英齐聚河南禹州,开展多种形式的医药文化交流和经贸洽谈活动,共商中医药合作发展大计。 近年来,禹州市中医药产业取得长足发展,先后成为中国中药行业首批中药材优秀产地县、中药材流通追溯体系建设试点单位、全国唯一的中药材加工示范基地。与此同时,传承千年的中医药文化得到发扬光大,“禹州药会”和“禹州中药炮制技艺”分别入选国家和河南省非物质文化遗产名录。 开幕式上,禹州市委书记王宏武表示,面对经济发展新常态和千载难逢的战略机遇,禹州始终以传承中医药文化为己任,坚持振兴中医药产业不动摇,致力办好“一节一会”、打造“一业一城”、推动“一转一升”。 未来,禹州市将凝聚实力办好“一节一会”,以药王文化为纽带,搭建起交流、合作、共赢的平台;打造“一业一城”,把中医药产业作为禹州的接续主导产业重点培育,全面启动“中原药都健康小镇”规划建设;推动“一转一升”,以中医药产业振兴和药都小镇建设为切入点和突破口,全面推动全市“结构转型、产业升级”。 开幕式当天,首届禹商论坛顺利举行,也为禹州带了新的活力。本次论坛促成签约合作项目21个,总投资达到187亿元。其中工业类项目11个、中医药类项目6个,三产类项目2个,新能源项目2个。许昌市副市长王文杰说:“我们将全力为签约项目提供‘优质、高效、畅通’的服务,努力推动项目早落地、早建成、早见效。” 据了解,目前禹州已基本形成集中药材种植、中药饮片加工、中成药生产、中药材仓储物流和中医药文化旅游等比较完整的产业体系。已建成中药材标准化生产基地25个,种植面积40万亩,从事种植加工的药农、药工近10万人,中药材种植业年产值7亿元。 来源:人民网-河南分网  2016年09月30日11:34 分享到: (责编:宋芳鑫、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: