China Life Pension macro rat the final 430 million profit 1 million 190 thousand steam_api.dll

China Life Pension macro "rat" final: involving 430 million profit 1 million 190 thousand in addition to the industry from time to time exposed rat funds, securities, the rat storm is not natural for more and more important in the capital market of the insurance company "soft". In 2014 China pension equity investment has caused a great disturbance to the former head of macro "rat" a case recently with the final result. "First Financial Daily" learned that Ceng Hongli used undisclosed information to trade stocks, the cumulative turnover of the convergence of buy and sell RMB 4.3 million yuan, the illegal profits of RMB 119 million yuan, was sentenced to five years imprisonment, fined 1 million 200 thousand yuan. Although macro appeal, but was rejected. And recently, there is a total transaction amount of 120 million yuan of the insurance company asset management department staff Liu case was notified Shanghai city public security bureau. The reporter found combing public information, since 2013, the insurance industry has exposed 7 times the "rat" event, although the frequency, compared to the amount of funds, the securities industry is still small, but this is also to the insurance company’s internal control alarm. With the use of big data, the venture capital Shuoshu also become increasingly undetected. Case details: Acer has involved 430 million illegal profits in May 1 million 192 thousand and 14, informed Beijing City Public Security Bureau, February 2009 to May 2013, served as an insurance company’s equity investment department general manager Zengmou use of undisclosed information control, manipulation rat "is not the law profit, and in March 2014 was arrested. Although the Chinese life said on the case did not know, but there are signs that the above Zengmou is China Life Pension equity investment before the responsible person macro. With the end of the trial, the details of the case has been macro surface. According to the newspaper won the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s Court of criminal verdict shows, from February 2009 to May 2013, Wang had served in the China Life Asset Management Co pension and institutional banking, investment team, senior manager of China Life Pension Co investment management center senior manager, equity investment management center, general manager of the investment department, the investment team director, responsible for the management of enterprise annuity by using related fund account (hereinafter referred to as "pension accounts") important information about investment, trading and other aspects and grasp the name, including pension accounts of stock investment quantity, price and sale time of insider information other than undisclosed information, in violation of regulations, engage in securities trading activities related to the information. It is understood that once Manulife using a mobile phone, tablet computer operating tool, the actual control of the "Wang Dongyan" of the stock account, prior to or during the same period in the annuity account to buy or sell the same stock 97, convergence of bid amount totaling RMB 2.35 million yuan, the amount sold a total of 2.03 convergence billion yuan, illegal profits totaling 1 million 199 thousand and 500 yuan. March 2014 was seized and brought to justice, in court, Wang had on behalf of the family to pay back the money 1 million 180 thousand yuan. Based on the above situation, once in the first instance in December 2015 was found guilty of the use of undisclosed information transaction crime;相关的主题文章: