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Food-and-Drink With the warm weather .es a yearly challenge for all professional catering kitchens – how to keep cool fresh air flowing through the kitchen so that your staff do not overheat, without letting unwel.e guests in. But I don’t mean people – the guests I am referring to are flies and insects, all of which carry potential hygiene issues as well as being a general pest. Fortunately the answer is simple – use chain fly screens across your kitchen doors. This means you can keep your doors open, and still keep insects out. A chain fly screen is simply an adjustable bar that fixes across the top of a doorway, from which are hung several long strands of metal chains. The weight of the chains means that they hang straight down and do not move with the breeze, as lightweight nylon strands would. Hence the door is effectively blocked to insects – they can land on the outside of the chain but have no way through, and the weight of the chains means that there are no gaps that flies can squeeze through even in a breeze. Of course, people can pass through freely, even if they are carrying large trays or containers – no use of hands is required. There is a difference between chain fly screens and lightweight nylon mesh used for windows. Window mesh is fixed in place permanently, and does not need to allow any movement through, and hence can be made from ultra-light nylon. This material cannot be used in doors – especially in industrial areas like .mercial kitchens – as it would break apart very quickly from the repeated contact of people passing back and forth. Chain fly screens are generally sold in one size – the chains can be cut to length, and the bar they attach to is either adjustable or can also be cut to size. Fixing of the bar is semi-permanent, so it can be removed in colder months and stored for use again next year. So although the initial cost may seem high, which is due to the cost of the metal in the chains, as the screen can be re-used there is no yearly replacement cost. Now is the time to get your kitchen ready for summer. Make sure that all of your doors have chain fly screens fitted, and take the time now to check your insectocutors to make sure their elements do not need changing. Your staff will appreciate the effort you take, and your customers will be protected from unwanted insect ingress – which will help your business and ultimately your bottom line. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: