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Pets Well you finally got that special kitty you have been wanting. In preparation you have bought all the little things your kitten will need; toys, a bed, food and a litter box. The little dream is more than you could ask for, cute, fuzzy and loving. Then you begin to notice his preference for you sofa and the kitty hair all over it. Many people live with this problem but you don’t have to! You quickly realize you forgot to get a cat tree. If you are not familiar with this necessity, it is a piece of cat furniture that .es in many shapes. The most .mon is anywhere from 3 feet to 6 feet. It will have several perches for your cat to sit on and is often covered with carpet and sisal. Sisal is a rope like material that the cat can scratch. This is very important to have for you kitten. It gives him a place of his own where he can play and sleep. While searching for a cat tree you want to keep in mind quality. When your kitten get bigger, should the cat tree begins to weaken, he may pick your furniture to sleep on once again. Should you choose an upright cat tree, be sure to get one with a wide and stable base, because you don’t want to worry about it falling over. You can always get a cat tree that s secured to the wall for stability. This is good for multiple cat families. When you decide which type of tree is right for you and your kitty, its time to teach him that this tree is the only thing that he is allowed to sleep on. There are a couple of ways to ac.plish this. Just remember to be kind and consistent in the suggestions that follow. One of the methods to teach your kitten would be to take him to the new tree. Make this an enjoyable time, play with him on the tree. It is always good to leave a little cat nip somewhere on the tree. Get a toy and play with him there. Another trick is to leave a recently worn article of clothing. This will give him the feeling of being close to you. Praise him whenever he is on the cat tree, he will want to go back again and again. When you see the kitten starting to use something other than the tree, tell him no in a firm voice and redirect him to his spot. Please do not use physical punishment, it really has no place in training. Using catnip and toys to entice the kitten to the tree is a very good way to reinforce that this is where you want him to be. These steps will need to be consistently re-enforced with the kitten until he learns the rules. It will be work, but will be worth it. The results of a kitten that uses a cat tree are many, including fur-free furniture and a loving relationship with your pet. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: