Car to enjoy the work together to create a wealth of SAIC green travel worry free mmhouse

Enjoy the car to SAIC asset management made free green travel in the past month, haze once again become the air quality keywords, many city across the country in recent years, the haze weather occurred frequently in China, air quality issues have aroused great concern. For the automotive industry, although the haze culprit hat some were wrong, but the vehicle emission is one of the sources of air pollution was no doubt. The Central Committee has repeatedly stressed the importance of energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental protection". As a big car, accelerate the application of new energy vehicles is an important part of promoting urban environmental governance, consolidation of low-carbon economic development model of environmental protection. With the development of the concept of shared economy and low carbon travel, the new energy vehicles are not only the leading role in the time-sharing leasing business, but also more and more consumers. Such as SAIC Roewe e550 and other new energy vehicles into the market, have harvested a good sales performance.     according to the Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center and other institutions have issued a "new energy automobile blue book: Chinese report on the development of new energy automotive industry (2016)" blue book shows: as of the end of 2015, the new energy automobile production and sales totaled 497 thousand units, to become the world’s large holdings in the country. Expected in 2020 the market size of new energy vehicles will reach 1 million 450 thousand. However, with the consumer’s recognition of new energy vehicles in stark contrast to the market, the number of new energy vehicles charging facilities and layout can not meet the needs of the owners.       in such policy support and market trends, has always played a leading role in the industry SAIC is also frequent action. The new energy automobile production and sales, rental business, public charging pile fabric construction measures such as overall layout of the new energy industry chain, and actively create a user without "the innovation of green travel service system. It is in such a big background, in November 1st, low-carbon travel, enjoy the future, Shanghai automobile Asset Management Co., Ltd. and car enjoy strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in the car to enjoy the building. Enterprises with the SAIC, the whole life cycle of O2O automotive electronic business platform car sharing "and Shanghai automobile Asset Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as the" Shanghai asset management ") the" brothers "hand in hand, by focusing on the" An Yue charge "charging pile in the country to enjoy the car stores installation and application, optimize owners green travel solutions. Car sharing platform CEO, the car to enjoy the home Xia Jun, chairman and CEO, SAIC asset management general manager, general manager Zhang Anyue charging Guoxin etc. leaders attended the signing ceremony. Charging pile and other facilities to improve the construction of a direct impact on the application of new energy vehicles and penetration, the impact of new energy vehicle owners in the use of the actual experience. In accordance with the strategic layout of the group, to 2020, SAIC will be through the cooperation of the parties inside and outside the country, the construction of 50 thousand public charging pile in the country, so that the green travel solutions can be the greatest degree of landing. The car as a car to achieve from the traditional manufacturing enterprises rely mainly on the transformation of the industry to provide consumers with a full range of products and services.相关的主题文章: