Can not be not black! On the house Why are sage in diffuse change Yamazaki isobuster

Can not be not black! On the house: Why are sage in diffuse change Yamazaki in recent days, around the "JOJO" will be the adventures of real-life news sparked widespread concern. When the official announcement of the hero Oriental josuke and double Yi by Ruo Yamazaki sage starred in, suddenly let a lot of fans of JOJO raged. A lot of people are Tucao why is a diffuse film to invite him to play. And this issue has become a hot spot in recent days house. Former name: without coding San on submission in diffuse change frequency Yamazaki sage has reached the point of insanity? I just counted, he had already had a "Another" Hara Koichi, Saiki Kusunokio "super ability of disaster" Saiki Kusunokio, "king of the world", "the letter" L, "death booklet in April is your lies" have "orange", President Ma Lai Xiang, into "one week" friend Nagase Yuki "wolf girl, and Sada Kyoshiya the black Prince" role. Coupled with the help of the eastern battle…… I can’t figure it out, why? You have to say that these characters are almost the same style, Saiki Kusunokio and the East is the same person? Former name: without coding San now no matter, anyway, people who told the handsome, the female audience now no so-called movie what mood is purely to see the guy screaming into the cinema. But now what Indoorsman no purchasing power, so naturally there will be such a situation. Don’t worry, I reckon the next year Yamazaki Yoshihito had to play at work. Former name: without coding San on submission after all came out from the cartoon young (laugh). Anyway, as long as he was in the works, is a box office or the nine out of ten. I think even the most mindless audience, not to buy his account all day, right? To tell you the truth, he went to play love diffuse change is good, anyway, a toy boy. After appearing in Saiki Kusunokio but determined from him, I would become firmly Yamazaki black. Former name: without coding San now to tell the truth, I began to worry about Yamazaki Yoshihito’s mental state is not a problem. Looks like the "king of the world" "one week" with friends "Saiki Kusunokio" will be in the disaster period almost released it, this shows that the three works is almost the same shooting schedule. Did he really will not grow Youshu Saiki Kusunokio Valley? Or the letter into super power? Former name: without coding San now to tell the truth, you do not underestimate these otaku family visibility ah. Although you spray there badly, but I have seen a lot of Yamazaki powder after watching Oriental josuke’s image, think this role is an insult to Yamazaki. Yes, they think this is an insult yamazaki…… Ha ha ha, this is the funniest joke I’ve seen this year…… Former name: without coding San now well, after all the diffuse change let in Yamazaki well, he can also become a symbol of diffuse change so. As for the effect is good, that is not what we worry about, anyway, the house will not go to see this kind of thing. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: