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In preparing for the world cup in the rain foot Cai Zhenhua will arrive in Xiamen to visit the   sports player – Sohu; Xiamen newspaper news (reporter Xiao Nan) yesterday, when the majority of young people and to share love sweet and warm, Chinese soccer boys but in the rain in Xiamen Haicang sports center full preparation for the world cup, the real thing scrimmaging training players temporarily down to the hometown, family, love miss, country foot is not lonely! More than 12 points at noon yesterday, the Orangemen appeared as usual in the Haicang Sports Center Stadium, and a sunny days, yesterday Xiamen resumed the rainy weather. Just before the training, the team took in 2016 of the lunar new year, is the first "family portrait", in the face of the lens of the photographers, from national football coach Gao Hongbo, the team leader Liu Dianqiu, the players and logistical support team members are invariably suffused with a smile, a distance of 40 strong match the two key war only 2 in August, the team needed to be infected by the positive elements. Yesterday, for many people, especially the young people are special, they are very keen to share love, this is the day to enjoy romance, the Orangemen boys as the flesh of desire and love together, but the national football honor let him have to give up love and reunion, for them, the usual training yesterday and the day stadium and the hotel where two line, the Orangemen boys "on behalf of the national team since by common consent, not what festival, is a good practice." Yesterday the interview is a 29 year old "new" Zhao Mingjian, for his first coach Gao Hongbo will attract to the national team, the Dalian man is very grateful, in front of the camera, he could feel the ineloquent, but he and several other "newcomers", are very dear to the opportunity for our country. Beijing Youth Daily reporter on the scene, although the rain is more intensive, but the players training enthusiasm is very high, coach Gao Hongbo calls the team’s voice loud, and the staff in the closed training site of the group against the national football has kicked off the real thing. Today, the Orangemen will no longer be any training, the team will drive to about 200 km from Xiamen Shanghang County town of Gutian, where once held the famous "Gutian conference", the BMC reporter Liu Dianqiu said, "because in late March the training team will directly enter the 40 stage division, so we hope take this opportunity to let the players training education, raise the collective consciousness, so that they can get some inspiration, to know a mature technology team and spiritual level must withstand the test." Tonight, Cai Zhenhua, the president of the Chinese Football Association, will arrive in Xiamen to visit the country’s officers and men under the escort of Yu Hongchen, the vice director of the foot control center. 国足冒雨备战世预赛 蔡振华将抵达厦门探望球员-搜狐体育     本报厦门专电(记者 肖赧)昨天,当广大年轻人与爱人分享甜蜜温馨时,中国男足的小伙子们却冒雨在厦门海沧体育中心全力备战世预赛,真刀真枪的分组对抗训练让队员们暂时放下了对家乡、亲人、爱人的思念,国足不寂寞!   昨天中午12点多,国足照例出现在海沧体育中心体育场,和一天前艳阳高照不同,昨天的厦门又恢复了阴雨天气。就在训练开始前,全队拍了2016年,也是农历猴年的第一张“全家福”,面对摄影师的镜头,国足从主教练高洪波、领队刘殿秋,到队员及后勤保障团队成员都不约而同地泛出笑容,距离40强赛最后两场关键战只有2个月,这支球队需要被积极元素所感染。   昨天对于很多人,特别是广大年轻人来说比较特殊,他们非常热衷于在这个日子里分享爱情、享受浪漫,国足的小伙子们作为血肉之躯当然也渴望与爱人相守在一起,可是国家足球的荣誉让他们不得不放弃与爱人团聚,对他们而言,昨天和往常集训日一样,球场与酒店驻地两点一线,国足小伙子们异口同声,“既然代表国家队就没有什么节不节的,就是好好练球。”昨天接受媒体采访的是29岁的“新人”赵明剑,对于主教练高洪波将自己首度吸纳到国家队来,这个大连小伙子非常感激,在镜头面前的他不善言辞,但能够感到他和其他几位“新人”一样,都非常珍视为国效力的机会。   北京青年报记者在现场看到,虽然雨水比较密集,但队员们的训练热情非常高涨,主教练高洪波呼唤队员的声音格外响亮,而在工作人员封闭训练现场的时候,国足的分组对抗已经真刀真枪地拉开序幕。   今天,国足将不再进行任何训练,全队将驱车前往距离厦门200公里左右的上杭县古田镇,那里曾经召开过著名的“古田会议”,领队刘殿秋向北青报记者介绍说,“因为3月下旬的集训,球队将直接进入40强赛赛区,所以我们希望借这次集训机会让队员们受受教育,提升集体意识,让他们能够得到一些鼓舞,要知道一支成熟球队技术和精神层面都要经受住考验。”今晚,中国足协主席蔡振华将在足管中心副主任于洪臣陪同下抵达厦门探望国足将士。相关的主题文章: