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Buy new furniture paint, is "old technology"??? Recently, people with Mr. met a thing, he spent 16000 yuan to buy a set of solid wood furniture was out of the paint, and in some places there are scratches, he suspected that this is the furniture store "samples". 13 PM, when the matter is still Nan furniture store responded that the paint off the furniture and scratches because the manufacturers do specifically to do the old process, there is no case to sell the sample to mr.. ?? Home Furnishing order Furniture Fair?? received the goods found paint?? according to reports, the end of July this year, with MR in Ji’nan Shungeng a Home Furnishing Expo International Exhibition Center on a set of solid wood furniture, including sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, cabinet and dining table and by supporting the four chairs inside, the total price of about 16000 yuan. Due to the relatively satisfied with the furniture, Mr. Shang Nan immediately to the seller of the furniture store to pay a deposit. About a month later, Mr. Huai received a phone call from the owner of the furniture store Mr. Xu let him pay before delivery. After paying the money, Mr. Xu asked him, due to the reasons for the transport of the factory, whether it will be in the shop’s TV cabinet and cabinet samples as the delivery of goods. Mr. Huai afraid of samples have quality problems, they rejected the other party. After that, the furniture store is still committed to the first Mr Lin sofa, coffee table, dining table and four chairs, and television cabinets and cabinets because of the manufacturers of high production reasons, it takes two to three weeks before delivery. Mr. Huai agreed to the proposal, but the need to advance notice before delivery. At 4 p.m. on September 7th, Mr. Lin received a telephone call from the furniture store of Nan Nan. The two sides agreed to arrive at the place of delivery at 6:30. ?? Arrived at the place of delivery, with Mr. open furniture packaging that has obvious scratches on the legs of the dining table, but also sofa backrest Diaoqi phenomenon, think before the furniture store owner had recommended store samples, which makes him suspect stole the shop store samples sent to you. Later, Mr. Xu and Mr. Xu furniture furniture contact. "He told me that it was just a commodity." Mr. Huai questioned, think these scratches look furniture manufacturer specifications, like scratching during transportation. The two sides after consultations, Mr. Xu finally agreed to arrange for the staff to come home for mr.. After second days, Mr. Li received a phone call from the furniture store, saying that the remaining two pieces of furniture – TV cabinets and cabinets are also arrived, we would like to make an appointment with the time of delivery of the goods. Because time is limited, and the delivery time with Mr. shop about in the morning of September 11th. ?? 11 in the morning, when the shop put the remaining two pieces of furniture delivered, with Mr. found TV cabinet and cabinet no packaging, and is assembled. "There’s a lot of dust in the furniture, and there’s something like a spider’s web in some places." With said suspected stores delivered the sample, he rejected the two pieces of furniture. ?? "They didn’t agree with me without unpacking the installation, I can not specifically examine the goods, how do they know is to send the original or sample?" said Mr. Shang Nan Huai, the furniture store did not provide any three bags of evidence, he asked the shop with his replacement.相关的主题文章: