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Business Building Information Modeling entails the construction of a building on the computer before building it in the physical world. This virtual model is built in three dimensions and can be moved and rotated as if it were a real object. Building information modeling services – reduced as BIM services are extremely important for creating accurate and faultless building structures. BIM – services are better to use, because they give precise information about geometrical data of building, internal relationships – dependencies of building components, building’s geographical information etc. Building information modeling is the creation and use of coordinated information for design, production of high quality construction documents, predicting performance, cost estimation and construction planning. BIM is a model based technology linked with a database of project information to enable flawless communication between all stakeholders associated with the construction process. BIM is a building design methodology characterized by the creation and use of coordinated, internally consistent computable information about a building project in design and construction. BIM makes a reliable digital representation of the building available for design decision making, high-quality construction document production, construction planning, performance predictions and cost estimates. Advantages of BIM Services: High quality and accurate documentation of construction process Production of high quality accurate construction documents Co-Ordinate different services to avoid conflicts Remove clutter on the site by accurate quality take-offs Improving Quality of construction by enabling pre-fabrication Minimize building lifecycle to increase interaction between architects, engineers and contractors Construction management Improved construction management The structures virtual model can be used for collaboration with architects, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, civil engineers and other stake holders. This same 3D digital model can be integrated with design, analysis and construction documentation and is utilized as the basis for digital design-to-fabrication planning and construction. Using Building Information Modeling structural engineers can track material quantities and investigate various design options that eventually result in a more sustainable design. Please visit ..structuraldesigningindia.. for more information. About the Author: Steve Jack is working in India based outsourcing services Provider .pany. It provides structural engineering services to its offshore clients based in US, UK, Canada and Australia. For more information about rebar detailing services, Drop an inquiry at: [email protected] Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: