Bestie want to borrow the new premises to show off after being refused called cold-blooded

Bestie want to borrow the new premises to show off after being refused called cold-blooded original title: women are even when the machine cat Tucao bestie marriage room to find her boyfriend by Chen Yuqing very troubled Lu Wei always asked her to borrow something "Jing, you in the river and the city of the house, can you lend me ah." Bestie Lu Wei called Chen Yuqing, it is she borrow things, the house is borrowed. Lu Wei is Chen Yujing’s College classmate. Recently, Lu Wei husband’s parents to Chongqing. "His aunt always show off his daughter’s house." Lu Wei gas but on the phone that they have just bought a new house. The words out, the new house where she remembered bestie, Chen Yuqing has a no one lived in the new premises, like borrowed pretend. Bestie in order to pretend, to borrow my wedding room at 12 yesterday morning at Guanyin Bridge, North Street and Starbucks, the reporter saw Chen Yuqing. 28 year old Chen Yuqing is a state-owned ordinary workers, husband Zhou is a sales. Chen Yuqing said, Lu Wei for her to borrow in their own house, west of Mount Huangshan road in Yubei to buy a new house, Chen Yuqing Lu Weilai once, when Lu Wei in this house is a room full of praise, read several times. The house is 110 square meters or so, Chen Yujing had originally planned to make the marriage room. Since the end of December before the wedding, so good house decoration, very few people to live. September 3rd, Lu Wei in the phone to borrow a new house Chen Yujing look like. Chen Yuqing feel that the behavior of the Lou is absurd and ridiculous, decisively rejected her request. This Lu Wei accused Chen Yuqing, "if I have to say out, no house, I would be killing the relatives". Moreover, the house is empty, I borrow a few days what relationship." See Chen Yujing has not relented, Lu Wei hung up the phone, send her a WeChat: "I think you are such a person, from ruin, cold-blooded." When I put the "machine cat", what things are by 27 year old Lu Wei and Chen Yuqing are university students, in the eyes of Chen Yuqing, Lu Wei forthright, like a boy. But there’s a problem — like asking her to borrow something. Small napkin, lipstick, hair clips, large computer, slr. At the age of 28, Lu Wei, who was a college student, said in a phone call, "I know the woman who likes to borrow something."." Gao Xia said, sophomore winter, rehearsal program, Lu Wei find themselves borrowed several clothes. "The results wear back, never again, and said to forget at home, to the university graduates are not." Chen Yuqing said, just started to borrow things Wei Wei also said thank you. Later, you are not polite, directly on the hand: paper, lipstick, foundation……" After work, she managed to borrow mobile hard drive, laptop, slr…… Even borrowed her boyfriend, said his company has activities, the need for male guests, so that Chen Yuqing’s boyfriend to cooperate with the show. Two people in order to borrow things, quarreled over a lot of shelves, and finally are Lu Wei apologized to her. "Coax me, and asked me to borrow, can not change." Chen Yuqing said, this time she felt not only by Lu Wei for the house of Lu Wei wonderful, the "pre emptive" approach to feel disgusted. Bestie: both bestie, why not borrow more than 2 in the afternoon.相关的主题文章: