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Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet Yushu local poverty alleviation yuenkanin ancient crops to help herders out of poverty [comment] yuenkanin, a growth at an altitude of 4000 meters above the old plant, such a shape resembles the radish crops in parts of the Tibetan Plateau now play the responsibility of local farmers and let out of poverty. [comment] is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province chingdu County, with an average altitude of 4500 meters, the largest alpine, belonging to China Nature Reserve – Sanjiang source of the core area of nature reserves, in 2010 after the Yushu earthquake, 5 townships in the county was listed as a disaster area. After the reconstruction of the Chengduo county has a new face, let the herdsmen get rid of poverty has become a pressing matter of the moment, in the exploration of the local government and enterprises, here the yuankanin native became an important resource of poverty. [paralanguage] yuenkanin beverage factory manager the drinks company Li Hongwei without any chemical fertilizer, it is a later, now why people love this kind of thing, also do not need maintenance, do not need other things, what the fertilizer nothing, this kind of cultivation, but its yield is the highest. [comment] yuenkanin fruit early in the Tibetan people when to carry out "food", the leaves are feeding cattle and sheep feed. Now, yuenkanin became a rich nutritional value of dried fruit and drinks, by Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology Chinese analysis shows that the yuankanin contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements needed by human body, and is rich in amino acids on the human body is very beneficial. [comment] after the discovery of the nutritional value of the yuankanin, Chengduo county with "company + farmers + association cooperation" mode of production, with leading enterprises around the herdsman’s income, yuenkanin from planting to processing into drinks and other goods, all links around the farm households to participate in. Now, the local yuenkanin processing enterprises have been driven around 700 farmers’ income. [paralanguage] Chengduo county poverty alleviation bureau director Ma Kumi we want the many kinds of this way, take some measures to many kinds of multiple simultaneously, to the precise poverty alleviation work, which is the rural enterprises, the company plus farmers association and is one of the family, the enterprise to us today and this is a typical case. [comment] have two children of suonan Dan weeks ago is planting barley farmers, he worked for two years in the local yuenkanin factory now have under the old and small he afford the whole family living expenses and daily expenses. [before] the soundbite drinks company yuenkanin beverage factory workers suonan Dan Zhou was not paid, ordinary farmers, income year thousands of dollars, so here 25003000 per month, annual income of twenty thousand or thirty thousand words. [comment] according to local yuenkanin factory responsible person, yuenkanin for grassland restoration plays a positive role, which end yuenkanin grass is more easy to grow grass, planting the crop environmental and economic benefits, harmony and the concept of local herdsman and the grassland can bring income and agree without prior without previous consultation, to protect the grasslands by the way of natural herdsmen相关的主题文章: