Australian .panies Offer A Fuel Management System For Better Fuel Control-捷安特xtc750

Advertising Increasing productivity is the only solution to meeting the demands of the mining industry. With instability in the oil markets, there is pressure on buyers to implement cost-saving methods and try to lessen fuel consumption. There are reliable Sydney .panies that provide solutions in the field of fuel management. Managing Fuel Use A fuel management system is used to monitor, maintain and control fuel use. All transport industries use the system for better fuel control. It .es with integrated dispensing equipment. The .panies that supply the system to fleet operators also offer the tank security as well as the monitoring capabilities. This helps operators to monitor and manage their fuel use. Various technologies and methods are used to keep a track of fuel inventories, purchases and the amount dispensed. The information is stored in software and reports with the data are generated for the benefit of the management. The fuel efficiency of vehicles can be studied with the help of the data. There are different kinds of FMS. Card-based systems track transactions according to the card use. On-site FMS use bulk tank fuelling and the storage levels on-site are monitored. FTCs in Australia The taxation office in Australia offers some assistance to .panies that use fuel for business. The concession given is called FTC or fuel tax credits. This is done by refunding the tax paid on fuels used for business operations. In the year 2008, the Australian authorities expanded this offer to several more .panies. Those who are eligible included .panies involved in eligible activities. Such .panies have to register for FTC and for Goods and Services Tax. Businesses can claim credits on petrol and diesel, heating oil, kerosene, fuel oil, white spirit and mineral turpentine. The credit is not applicable for aviation fuels, liquefied petroleum and natural gas, biodiesel and ethanol. Hence, it is the fuel and the activity that establishes the eligibility. Tank Gauging .panies that operate bulk petroleum facilities find the need to monitor fuel use. A fuel tank gauging system is useful as it provides accurate measurements. There are different types of tank gauges; the ATG or Automatic Tank Gauge is operated mechanically and is a very reliable instrument used for managing fuel inventories. The gadget is fitted on the roof of the tank that will facilitate taking the readings at ground level. The reading is shown on a dial that is integrated on the gauge-head. It is a low cost instrument and provides up to 4mm accuracy. Power is not required for working it. The display dial is clear and gives the reading in fractions or decimals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: