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Security One can hear a lot about penetration testing .panies these days. What are penetration testing .panies? What do they do? What are the services that Penetration testing .panies offer? With the accessibility of internet to virtually everyone and with good knowledge of network security, anybody can penetrate an organizations network and steal vital information or financial information or both. This is one of the main threats that is faced by todays corporations. In order to protect crucial information such as customer information, financial information, information pertaining to new product development, all necessary steps are being undertaken. Obviously, organizations have to protect the data because of the inherent risks of data being leaked out. If vital information such as new product design and development falls into the hands of a hacker, the hacker can sell the information to other .petitors in the market. If customer information is hacked, customers can file a lawsuit against the .pany for not taking adequate measures to protect the data. With these inherent risks a need to constantly review the network sites vulnerability is established. We must not forget one thing. There is no system which is foolproof. Every system has some flaws which if unnoticed can lead to disastrous turn of events or scenarios, just like the ones mentioned above. Network systems have to be constantly monitored in order to be ahead of the hackers or the malicious programs that they create. .panies are now looking for specialist service providers such as IT Security solutions providers or penetration testing .panies. Penetration testing .panies or pen testing .panies as they are called, provide penetration testing services. Penetration testing is a process where a .panys network is penetrated by a trustworthy IT Security .pany or a penetration testing .pany. The .pany will see how far the network is safe and report their findings to their client. In the report they submit, they mention about the potential risks, vulnerability or a .promising situation. Penetration testing .panies test areas like in house applications, databases; outward applications like web applications, dynamic websites, e-.merce websites, email gateways, payment gateways, phone lines, wifi, etc. The number of penetration testing .panies has risen considerably. Most of the penetration testing .panies provide a range of services of which some of the few services are mentioned above. In order to protect a network, particularly, an organizations network, specialist .panies like penetration testing .panies provide constant services to enhance the .work security and to stay one step ahead of hackers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: