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UnCategorized Alzheimers Disease is a brain disorder, which progresses to alter patient’s abilities to learn and carry out daily mental activities. At the moment, there is no known cure for the condition which destroys the minds of its patients as it takes its course over the remainder of their lives. Fortunately, there are a number of Alzheimers help groups which aim to support the sufferers and their carers, and help improve the quality of life for the patients of this dreadful condition. Patients suffering from alzheimer’s usually die within eight years of their first symptoms, although the disease can take its course over a span of twenty years. Additionally, patients find memory and other mental skills impossible, as well as daily routine tasks such as getting dressed and need constant care and attention. Alzheimers help groups go someway to assuring patients and carers that they are not alone, and offer some hope on what is one of the bleakest horizons. Although there is no known definitive cause of the condition, there are many theories and tests currently ongoing to help unlock the key to this degenerative disease. One school of thought holds that the key may be genetic, with those of age and a family history considered to be most at risk of developing the condition. It is also thought that by adopting a healthier aging process, this may help preserve the brain cells which when destroyed lead to this condition. It is thought that the damage to the brain begins years before the onset of symptoms, and by the time the symptoms be.e apparent, the nerve cells in the brain responsible for handling information have already begun to die. The vast majority of patients suffering from the condition receive their Alzheimers help and care in their own home by a family member or friend. This condition can often by particularly trying for the carer if they are forced to watch someone they care about degenerate at a rapid speed to the point where they no longer recognise their own family and friends. This tragic disease can leave sufferers and carers frustrated and demoralised, and leave them feeling .pletely lost as to how to continue living. One ray of light is that of alzheimers help groups which provide support for both carers and sufferers. Not only that, its a social occasion for both patients and carers to look forwards to, where they can meet with others in the same situation and realise that they are not alone in the symptoms they are having to contend with. Although at the moment much of the condition is a mystery, there is some degree of hope for the future, with continued testing and experimentation on the subject. Scientists hope to discover more about the cause of the condition and its effects on the brain, which will hopefully allow further development of existing treatment and perhaps even an eventual cure. In years to .e, there will be continued investment in research and testing to perhaps ensure that someday, this dreadful disease can be resigned to the past and can be treated and cured effectively About the Author: 相关的主题文章: