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Although the focus of wheat daigh SPIs dispersed pressure is not reduced achieving the Grand Slam slam Mike Roy did not reduce the pressure on sina sports news Beijing time on February 25th, six weeks later, Mike Roy may pursue some history in the US Masters, but in Augusta this year, he is not the headline story. Last year, Mike Roy masters in the United States is expected to join Jean Stephane Sarrazin (Gene Sarazen), Ben Hogan, Niklaus, Gary Pryor and tiger Woods ranks, become one of the few players only grand slam. But Jordan – SPIs stole the focus, to achieve a breakthrough, winning his first Grand Slam title. Day and Spieth created a diversion of attention this year, Roy Mike returned to Augusta, to achieve the same history, but this time he will share the spotlight. Jordan had a grand slam year impact SPIs last year, while Jensen dey achieved a breakthrough victory at the PGA championship. In other words, Mike Roy is not the only male lead, after all, his world ranks under the two players at the moment. So does that ease the pressure on Mike Roy? "I’m not different from what I felt last year," McElroy said. "I still have the same goals, the same mentality. I don’t think it will make any difference, whether or not I talk there when I go there. Because I still feel the same. Maybe I put pressure on myself, but I know what that means to me. I know what that means to my career." (wind)

斯皮思戴伊虽分散焦点 小麦实现全满贯压力未减 麦克罗伊全满贯压力并未减少   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日,六个星期之后,麦克罗伊也许会在美国大师赛上追寻一些历史,可是今年在奥古斯塔,他绝不是头条故事。   去年,麦克罗伊在美国大师赛上有望加入吉恩-萨拉岑(Gene Sarazen)、本-侯根、尼克劳斯、加里-普莱尔以及泰格-伍兹的行列,成为实现全满贯仅有的几名选手之一。可是乔丹-斯皮思偷走了焦点,取得突破,赢得个人第一个大满贯赛头衔。 戴伊和斯皮思分散了人们的注意力   今年,麦克罗伊重返奥古斯塔,要实现同样的历史,可是这一次他就会与人分享聚光灯。乔丹-斯皮思去年曾经冲击年度全满贯,而简森-戴伊在美国PGA锦标赛上实现了突破性胜利。换句话说,麦克罗伊不是唯一的男主角,毕竟目前他的世界排名在这两位选手之下。   那么这会减轻麦克罗伊身上的压力吗?   “我与去年的感觉没有什么不同,”麦克罗伊说,“我仍旧带着同样的目标,同样的心态。我觉得不会有什么不同,无论我去那里的时候是不是有人谈论。因为我仍旧感觉自己是同样的。也许我给自己施加了压力,可是我知道那对我而言意味着什么。我知道那对我的生涯而言意味着什么。”   (小风)相关的主题文章: