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Ahongnike solo singer will reproduce the "original" why the flowers are so red – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) Ahongnike Tajik tenor solo concert "iceberg" Eagle on the evening of 18 staged at the National Theatre, he is the first ‘sunburn population "why flowers are so red" original singing. Ahongnike is the only Tajik Central Nationalities song and dance troupe actor. The 9 year old from Kashi art school was selected to the Central Institute for nationalities, from the Pamirs to the capital of Beijing. In order to achieve the dream of art in mind, a Chinese will not say he every day to the wall to himself, only to learn chinese. From an accordion to a singer, more than 40 years, he has experienced unimaginable hardships. 18, the party began with the Tajik Folk Song Medley, during opera excerpts, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India and Afghanistan have now singing, now dancing performances, songs, and finally to the movie "on iceberg guest" episode "what is the red" finale. Warm atmosphere, often a singer on stage, the audience burst into applause. It is worth mentioning that, for this concert, Ahongnike specially from Tashikuergan invited to his hometown artists to perform with him, let the audience see the authentic Beijing Tajik dance performances. "My friends brought Tajik ancient musical instruments — Eagle flute, my hometown has a lot of Tashikuergan peak, also hovering on the tip of the eagle, I hope you can feel the unique iceberg." After Ahongnike solo concert, the Central Nationalities song and dance troupe 2016 "glorious bloom" autumn season will also launch a solo concert "Zhu Tao Tao", the large self drunk dance "," folk songs Cangyangjiacuo "filled — 2016 third quarter", Chinese gagaku Hui minority boutique concert "Joan" hunan. (end)相关的主题文章: