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Aerial gongtan, remembering Wu Guanzhong paintings of the "old street" [eleven edition] – Sohu pictorial travel a little birch decades ago, Wujiang is now more than water rapids, an old boat along Wujiang, from Sichuan to Guizhou area. The old man ashore at the turning point of Wujiang, there is a small town called gongtan shore. Then the gongtan is an isolated town, Wujiang only through contact with the outside world, then the gongtan was very poor, on shaky, sparsely populated, residual wall broken tiles, desolate, but I think that gongtan was beautiful, green mountains and rivers, there are old people and children on the slate, seemingly nothing however, there is a feeling that is idle, the breath of life, is the memory of street. The old man was struck by the beauty of gongtan, I outline the gongtan style, named "old street". The old man named Wu Guanzhong, is a national treasure painting master, he left to write an essay "landscape" says Wujiang gongtan, said "Grandpa and grandma’s house, Tang street, Songcheng". The gongtan gongtan town now gongtan has not met Wu Guanzhong when he was, because of the rising water level of Three Gorges, gongtan town once has been submerged in the water, now gongtan town is 2005 when to move from the site, according to the original appearance and restoration. Is the second time to the ancient town, a little deserted streets occasionally meet the elderly and children, I like the atmosphere of life itself. Gongtan topography well reflects the characteristics of Chongqing, climbing on the ridge, the entire town of three-dimensional sense, a sense of hierarchy. The town has a barbecue supper, night, beer, I do not know the night beer is not the characteristics of Chongqing, but I know I love the night of beer, the imprint on the bones of a lifetime love not to go. The number of visitors to the town, the inevitable commercial, I am some envy Mr. Wu Guanzhong, to be able to enjoy a few decades ago gongtan ancient town style. Town specialty has been convinced that hunger breeds discontentment, eat is really a great enjoyment in life. There are a lot of distinctive features of the small town, only a trip to simply do not finish. Cubes of tofu, don’t look at the appearance is not very good, the taste is really good. Mei food is my Braised Pork to a delicacy to eat from the most love, this is not gongtan characteristics, but the Braised Pork gongtan Mei food taste or special seafood, steamed meat, very soft, the entrance that is feeling. Gongtan special delicacy wooden hammer crisp, craft entertaining ah, can also personally go into battle, to two on his hammer. Gongtan old building reconstruction of gongtan town retains many of the old buildings, the main hall, the main temple, West Sichuan summer yard, Dong Jia ancestral hall etc.. Some of the ancient buildings can be visited, and some closed doors. Gongtan town has a ran home yard, is now privately owned, is a more complete preservation of local town, to see. Everywhere on stilts is my favorite. Gongtan town night night gongtan town suddenly quiet down from the bustle of the day, because it is the travel season, not many tourists, walk]相关的主题文章: