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Young couple busy doing business, turned around, four years old daughter disappeared, from Shapingba Public Security Bureau News: in November 12th, a four year old girl in the parents are busy business when private go out, this can worry the parents. 13:20 November 12th Xu, sand police received the alarm, said in the Three Gorges Square in a shop, his four year old daughter lost. Community police Yang Heli, Yang Xiaofeng contact the alarm Man Wang and immediately rushed to the scene. Seeing the arrival of the police, Mr. Wang was excited, "police comrades, I came here to do business for a few days, today because of the more customers in the shop, careless, suddenly found her daughter disappeared, I am not familiar with the surrounding environment, trouble you help."". Police continue to appease the mood of Mr. Wang, and according to the relevant information provided by him, separately in the vicinity of the incident patrol visits, after many efforts, and finally found a daughter in front of a toy shop Mr. Wang’s daughter. When he saw his daughter safe and sound, Mr. Wang laid down his mind. After understanding, the original department Mr. Wang Department of foreigners at the beginning of November, with his wife in the vicinity opened a convenience store, Mr. Wang had just arrived, one family are not familiar with the surrounding environment. Due to the weekend, the Three Gorges Square come and go, Mr. Wang convenience store business is also very good, because no one home care, Mr. Wang will take the four year old daughter to the store. At that time, because there were many customers in the shop, Mr. Wang was busy doing business, and his daughter was very active. When Wang didn’t pay attention, he ran outside to play. Because of the young, temporarily can not find the way back to the store, with the help of the police, only to return to their parents. After the police understand the situation, Mr. Wang carried out publicity and education of safety knowledge, Mr. Wang also on his negligence remorse unceasingly, said that in the future will be optimistic about the daughter, and repeatedly thanks to the police. Here, the police remind the majority of parents, while busy with work, should strengthen the safety education of children, improve safety awareness, fulfill the guardianship responsibility, to prevent accidents. The video is just for extended reading. It’s nothing to do with this

年轻夫妻忙做生意 一转身四岁女儿不见了来自沙坪坝公安分局消息:11月12日,一位四岁的小女孩在父母都在忙生意的时候私自外出,这可急坏了父母。11月12日13时20分许,沙区民警接到报警,称在三峡广场某商店内,自己四岁的女儿走失了。社区民警杨和利,杨晓锋联系报警人王先生并立即赶到现场。见到民警到来,王先生情绪激动,“警察同志,我来到此处做生意没几天,今天由于店里顾客较多,一时大意,突然发现女儿不见了,我对周边环境也不熟悉,麻烦你们帮帮忙”。民警不断安抚王先生情绪,并根据其提供的相关信息,分头在事发地附近进行巡逻走访,经多方努力,终于在一家玩具店门前找到了王先生的女儿。见到女儿安然无恙,王先生才放下心来。经了解,原系王先生系外地人,于11月初与妻子在附近开了一家便利店,初来乍到,王先生一家人对周围环境不熟悉。由于正值周末,三峡广场人来人往,王先生便利店的生意也很好,由于家里无人照顾,王先生便把四岁的女儿带到店里。当时由于店里顾客很多,王先生忙于做生意,女儿活泼好动,趁王先生不注意,就跑到外面去玩。由于年幼,一时找不到回店里的路,在民警的帮助下才回到父母的身边。民警了解情况后,对王先生进行了安全知识宣传教育,王先生也对自己的疏忽大意自责不已,表示今后将照看好女儿,并对民警再三感谢。在此,民警提醒广大家长,在忙于工作的同时,应加强对孩子的安全教育,提高安全防范意识,履行好监护责任,防止发生意外。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 勒个老爸好迷糊 小孩走丢都不知道相关的主题文章: