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A pressure intermediate car, Chevrolet Kewozi enough! Sohu car yesterday, SAIC GM’s Chevrolet brand new midsize sedan car Kewozi officially listed, launched a total of 1.5DVVT DSS intelligent engine with 6 speed start stop gearbox and 5 speed enhanced intelligent on-off manual gearbox with a total of 5 models, the price range of 79 thousand and 900 yuan -10.99 yuan. It is worth mentioning that, from the listing date to October 31st, the first book Kewozi Chevrolet arbitrary models of consumer, can also enjoy the purchase tax, the first year of commercial insurance and financial activities of interest three "surprise" value of nearly a million packs. It is worth noting that the Chevrolet Kewozi price was announced, won a round of applause from the presence of the media and dealers, is rapidly gaining Shuabing in WeChat circle of friends. Indeed, the Chevrolet Kewozi price is more than the industry expected. In the intermediate car market, if considering the brand and considerable power configuration and other factors, and at the same price of Chevrolet Kewozi main market segments of the joint venture brand competitive models of interval are generally in the range of 90 thousand yuan -12 million yuan, and the listing of Chevrolet Kewozi price range compared to the main price range actually with up to 10 thousand yuan price advantage! Even if we further consider the so-called premium brand differences, in such a price range of intermediate car market, up to million yuan price advantage, it has far exceeded the price difference caused by the difference of brand premium category. What’s more, Car Buying also enjoy the value of nearly 10 thousand yuan spree, will undoubtedly once again greatly enhance the value of its main advantages compared to Chevrolet Kewozi competing products. For the intermediate car segment of the target consumers, Chevrolet Kewozi this does indeed full of sincerity. Maybe some people will say, there is such a big price difference between Chevrolet Kewozi and its main competitors, certainly in the competitiveness of products will have shrunk". In fact, if we carefully contrast Chevrolet Kewozi and its main competing products including performance space (length 4544mm, wheelbase 2600mm) and dynamic performance (maximum power 80kW, maximum torque of 141Nm, 100 km fuel consumption as low as 5.4L), Internet technology (7 inch high-definition touch screen, equipped with MyLink, Carlife intelligent vehicle system (BFI) security configuration, integration cage body, the height of vehicle strength steel use was 67%, an automatic car equipped with ESC electronic stability system, tire pressure monitoring) and all aspects of process quality, you will find the Chevrolet Kewozi products competitiveness not only because of the price advantage and the emergence of the so-called "shrink", and even the existence of the advantage of certain differences. In the view of industry topics, if the Chevrolet Kewozi announced the price for its joint venture competing products in terms of a shocker, then this bombshell caused by shock waves will be significantly affected the intermediate car market in China brand models. As we all know, the Chinese brand model with its high cost advantage in the entry-level intermediate car market occupies a place, and the Chinese brand!相关的主题文章: