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A plurality of second city residents leapfrog prices   hot regional housing prices in Beijing — to finance — people.com.cn many "North drift" thought to sell the house in Beijing, better at home, but now this idea seems somewhat outdated. With the recent number of second tier city leap in prices, many hot spots or even close to Beijing’s housing prices. Data show that, whether new or second-hand commercial residential housing, the north, on the broad, Shenzhen housing prices rose are out of the top five ranks. Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Hefei and other second tier city popular successor to lead the country house prices. Compared with the city of the Beijing property market is hot, began to cool, is the most direct expression of second-hand housing transactions fell and the second half is expected to raise the control policy. Insiders said that the purchase of commercial and residential, strengthen credit regulation and other policies are likely to be introduced in September, will also set the tone for the property market. Just been high prices fan out of Beijing and catch up with the home to grab room heat, Chen’s housing process, like a black humor. Mr. Chen in Beijing for many years, although many years ago in small bought a two bedroom house, but the two child was born, the eldest primary school did not register pressure, let Mr. Chen have the idea of leaving Beijing. "The second child after birth, old father-in-law of two to help the children, the original two bedroom was not enough to live, want to buy a set of three or four ranks, but often have 8 million yuan, really can not afford to buy, so I should be a slap in the face of high prices" from the "old fan" "North drift"? Mr. Chen joked that he began to contact the new work half a year ago, the family moved back home to Zhengzhou. But that he never expected that, when he find a new job, sold a small house, but can not afford to buy a house facing the embarrassment. "I work in the new location in Zheng Dong New District, Zhengzhou is the most prosperous is the highest prices in the area, although there before the psychological preparation, but really did not expect that now the price actually is not inferior to Beijing. Shopping for more than two months, the new house also look at second-hand housing also see, not enough time to make a decision, almost all the houses are thousands of dollars a few thousand dollars up. The original more than 10 thousand of second-hand housing, now have to sell the new house is more expensive than you can imagine, look at a few of the three bedroom or four bedroom project, the price is in the 4-6 million square meters." I thought more than 30 thousand sold the house in Beijing can buy a bigger and better at home, but now seem naive. Mr. Chen told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in August 30th, he had just visited several houses including Vanke, Hengda, in the sales office door already full of parked vehicles, Hengda Zhengzhou project sales staff even bluntly told him that the decoration project price in 40 thousand yuan, will be opened in September 10th, Paihao no problem but, unless there is a relationship, otherwise you will not grab to the room, only to wait for the next period. Finally, Mr. Chen reluctantly chose a Henan local developers of the project, the reason is simple: cheap. "This property next to Hengda not far, rough submitted, the sale price is certainly lower than Hengda"相关的主题文章: