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Food-and-Drink A pizza is simply a pizza: order it, get it and eat itthat is all. Then why does one need a pizza guide? Well, if you are a true lover of pizza and are planning to visit Brighton, then this guide is going to prove a great .panion for you. We have covered a few of the famous restaurants here, and hope you will find that the experience of ordering pizza in Brighton is in.parable. Although Italy is the origin of pizza, Brighton is the place where it gets even better in taste. Brighton, the city of food, the city of taste, and of course, the city of Pizza, has lots in store for you. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants throughout every nook and corner of the city. Book your table now! We will now tell you about a few of best types of pizzas available here: Margherita Pizza Ever wonder why this pizza is named like this? It .es from Queen Margherita, the first queen of Italy, as it is believed that she was served a pizza with ingredients of colours matching the Italian flag (red, white and green) during her visit to Naples, Italy. This pizza is typically prepared with olive oil, tomatoes, cheese (for crust and topping) and fresh basil leaves, along with natural ingredients like yeast, honey, basil leaves, sesame seeds and wheat gluten. It is an oven-baked pizza that can be prepared with different sizes of pans (10-12-13 or 15 in diameter). It is baked in an oven for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes to make the crust (top and bottom) brownish. It tastes superb, and is probably the most ordered pizza (vegetarian version) in Brighton. Capricciosa Pizza The taste of Italy is right here in Brighton. Capriciosa Pizza is full of authentic taste with ham, artichokes and Italian spices. Baked with olive oil, cloves and Swiss cheese, it has an unforgettable flavor. The grated cheese and tomato topping tempt you to bite it non-stop, and basil leaves are a .mon dressing. If you like more pepper or salt, then you should instruct the waiter when ordering. This pizza can be eaten at Hungry House, La Porchetta Brighton, Capricciosa Pizza House and many more restaurants. They all have Take away and eat-in options. Besides these, there are options likes Calzone, Stromboli, Neapoilitan, Deep Dish, Double Cheese , Marianara, Quattro Stagioni and the list goes on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: