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A party boss Tan Dengping involving bribery pharmaceutical hospital office official nearly 20 million minimum information times dispatch (reporter Wei Huihui) Guangdong Province, former director of the Institute of Chinese medicine, the second hospital of Guangdong province and former president and Party Secretary (Deputy departmental level) Tu Yao Sheng, on suspicion of taking bribes of about 20000000 Yuan had several times in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court for trial. Yesterday morning, the party involved in bribery important pharmaceutical companies Mister Tan Dengping was accused of bribery, and the company agent together arraigned in Guangzhou intermediate people’s court. The prosecution alleged that in 2003, Mr Yao was born in Guangdong and served as chairman of the board of director of Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, the second hospital of Guangdong province and Guangdong a Pharmaceutical Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as a pharmaceutical company) during the use of his office, Guangdong Keda Electrical Limited by Share Ltd to provide convenience in the acquisition of "one pharmaceutical company" and their investment value in the process of. December 2006, Yao Yao received the case of the defendant unit of a pharmaceutical company and its general manager Tan Dengping personally invested more than 253 yuan to buy a side of the pharmaceutical company’s equity stake of 4%, and by the generation of Tan Dengping. In December 9th of the same year, coated Yao students will be returned to 300 thousand yuan Tan Dengping, the rest of the capital to the case before the payment is not paid. December 2006 to December 2012, the proportion of shares issued by Yao Yao shares 478 yuan. July 2008, the proportion of Yao Yao shares changed from 4% to September 2011, in the year of, the transfer of its stake in Yao Yao, a profit of $19 million 488 thousand in 1.74%. The above two payments have custody of Tan Dengping. To December 2013, Tu Yao has 9 times removed Tan Dengping from the Department of $12 million 560 thousand. To before the incident, Tu Yao students still share earnings balance 1170 million yuan by Tan Dengping for safekeeping. By the end of 2011, Tu Yao students for the benefit of Tan Dengping, Tan Dengping received 3 million yuan in bribes for the purchase of Changbai Mountain pharmaceutical stocks for their own personal investment and. After the trial of the Tu Yao students denied bribery, said the purchase of shares he raised 500 thousand yuan in cash to Tan Dengping, sister to invest 300 thousand yuan, another 2 million yuan of equity capital to pay a friend borrowed from, Fumou directly to Tan Dengping. However, in addition to one of the 300 thousand yuan to support the evidence, the remaining amount of the students are said to be coated with oral agreement, no bank transfers, loan contracts and other evidence. Court yesterday, Tan Dengping also denied the allegations, arguing that no bribe. It is reported that the case pending further review.相关的主题文章: