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Interior-Decorating First impressions are certainly lasting, and in buildings its always the outside that we see first. For centuries exterior and interior walls have been finished with fine coatings to complete the look and further enhance the durability of weather facing surfaces. Todays smartest buildings have robust finishes inside and out. Stone effect paints add interest and style to public and private buildings, while being hard wearing and environmentally sound. Adding Value to our Buildings Front runners for interior and exterior paint finishes are stone effect paints. The colors and textures we apply to our walls reflect light, and those with eye-catching colors and patterns, interesting all-weather textures and neatly finished walls can add thousands or depending on its size, tens of thousands of dollars to a buildings value. Our Perception and Stone Effect Paints Selecting the colors is a core aspect of all painting endeavors. Choosing a main color and complementary trim or contrasting secondary colors will make or break a buildings look and feel. The texture of the paint also needs to be carefully considered. Stone effect paints consisting of natural stone chip have reflective qualities flatter wall paints dont. Lighter colors can change in hue when placed next to similar or highly contrasted colors. Highlighting Fine Details Some buildings cause us to simply gaze at their architecture and often this is because the stone effect paint finishes were carefully chosen to highlight the beautiful details of the building. A balanced application of main colors with trim colors can create wonderful nuances that become visible as we walk around and enjoy the buildings features, and should complement the roof, brick or stucco finishes. Colors of Stone Effect Paints By applying darker colors towards the lower parts of the wall, its possible to avoid creating a top-heavy feeling, encouraging feelings of harmony and wellbeing. Comfort is a vital aspect in all buildings. Painting lighter colors on the inside ceilings of corridors and more enclosed spaces, a lofty feeling can be created. Some eco-friendly stone-spray materials containing silica sands enable a variety of pastel tone hues that are calming to the spirit. All Weather and UV Resistance Stone effect paints are highly resistant to fading or cracking when exposed to ultra violet light, being mainly composed of natural silicas and acrylics. These paints are manufactured as low maintenance solutions, are largely self cleaning and impact resistant. For buildings that need to withstand variable weather conditions, UV resistant paints made with sand and stone echo our natural environment and inherently retain many durable qualities. Enhancing Our Lifestyles The paints and stone colors we choose will always display our inherent desire to create harmony in the buildings we inhabit. Warmth and comfort, style and convenience remain real values from a human perspective. Stone effect paints reflect our ability to create eco-friendly environments that are easy to live in, providing lasting value. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: