A hug is drunk Japan launched liquor pillow-huangshexiaoshuo

A hug is drunk? Japan launched liquor in the anime often see our pillow drunk drunk holding the bottle on the side of the scene. Recently, a Japanese company launched the shochu pillow, feeling no matter who is holding the pillow will feel drunk drunk. Buy this pillow, even if you don’t drink can also pretend to be a brewmaster. Take this pillow, seems to smell the aroma of wine. If after the encounter really drunk shuajiu Feng, he might get the pillow would go to sleep. Although this pillow is really cute, but many netizens said there is still a little rustic: "I don’t know why, feel with this pillow suddenly became uncle." "Advertising in the woman holding this pillow feel good soil oh……" "So you are complaining about rustic need a wine bottle pillow? I think it’s cute." "I want to buy one for my dad……" Although everyone for this pillow is mixed, but the pillow has been sold out in Japan. Penguin Niang think people buy about every day to Izakaya commuters uncle. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: