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A shares fell less than 25654 Hong Kong stocks pay attention to South purchase purchase 26185 tracker client view Level2 ten market stalls > > APP: mobile phone installed sina finance to see Hong Kong stocks unlimited free stock remind Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Financial News Agency’s February 3rd news this morning, Hong Kong stocks plummeted more than 3% mainland. Although the stock market down, but the decline is less than Hong Kong stocks, the Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 1% in early period, A shares ETF South A50 (2822) as keeping more than 10 yuan, down about 1%. Mainland manufacturing the latest data although no ideal, or drag on recent compression of the mainland stock market, although the A shares rebounded Tuesday after this morning fell, but the decline is not very significant, more than 5 million 800 thousand yuan in five trading days ended Tuesday into the South A50, or reflect investors optimistic about the trend. As optimistic about the South A50, or South Africa may consider the purchase of 25654, the exercise price of 11.16 yuan, 17 years expires in January, 5.5 times the actual leverage, volatility 31.2%, such as the thought of finding cattle permit choice, or consider the South cattle 62548, to recover the price of 9.50 yuan, 16 years until March, the actual leverage of 11.3 times, share exchange ratio 10 / 1. Hong Kong stocks this morning is relatively weak, the Tracker Fund (2800) has fallen low 19 yuan, after keeping at 19 yuan near the falls, and take advantage of the recent Hong Kong stock funds have been weaken, consecutive trading days into TraHK subscription card, or can be considered as promising the purchase of 26185, the exercise price of 19.38 yuan, 17 years 3 months due to the actual leverage 4.7 times, volatility 31.1%. The trend of the national index also weakened, not only fell 8000 points, low even 7800 point level has also been worn down, Hang Seng H shares ETF (2828) this morning also fell through 80 yuan pass, the low had dropped more than 3%. State index weakened, attracting more than 1 million 900 thousand yuan of funds to choose, on Tuesday as the five trading day, into the Hang Seng H-share ETF subscription card, if you want to make a good deployment, or can consider constant H purchase 26182, the exercise price of 96.88 yuan, 16 years in August maturity, actual leverage 9.1 times, the extension amplitude of 31.6%. (nature) go into Sina Finance shares

A股跌幅少于港股 留意南中购25654盈富购26185 客户端 查看Level2十档行情>> 安装新浪财经APP:手机看港股 无限免费股价提醒 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月3日消息,港股今早急跌逾3%,内地股市虽然向下,不过跌幅少于港股,上证综合指数早段跌逾1%,A股ETF南方A50(2822)早段低位保持在10元以上,跌幅约1%。内地最新的制造业数据虽然未见理想,或是拖累内地股市近期受压的原因,虽然A股周二反弹后今早再跌,但跌势未算非常显著,逾580万元选择在截至周二的五个交易日流入南方A50,或反映有投资者看好其走势。   如看好南方A50,或可考虑南中购25654,行使价11.16元,17年1月到期,实际杠杆5.5倍,引伸波幅31.2%,如想寻找相关牛证选择,或可考虑南中牛62548,收回价9.50元,16年3月到期,实际杠杆11.3倍,换股比率10兑1。   港股走势今早相对疲弱,盈富基金(2800)低位曾跌穿19元,之后保持在19元附近上落,而资金已趁近期港股走弱,连续两个交易日流入盈富基金认购证,如看好或可考虑盈富购26185,行使价19.38元,17年3月到期,实际杠杆4.7倍,引伸波幅31.1%。   国指走势同样转弱,不单失守8,000点大关,低位连7,800点水平亦曾经跌穿,恒生H股ETF(2828)今早亦跌穿80元关口,低位曾跌逾3%。国指走弱,吸引逾190万元资金选择在截至周二的五个交易日,流入恒生H股ETF认购证,如想作看好部署,或可考虑恒H购26182,行使价96.88元,16年8月到期,实际杠杆9.1倍,引伸波幅31.6%。(自然) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: