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8.26 successful customers Beiqi new energy sent 50 thousand yuan spree in August 26th, is expected to individual new energy index of Beijing fourth will be all paid out, this year will shake the era will come to an end! "8.26" arrival has also led to the development of new energy automobile sales market unpopular, as Beijing and the national electric market share the first new energy brand – new energy Beiqi, with the gradual release of new capacity, the current sales are climbing. Recently learned, Beiqi new energy will start "about" action, "8.26" customer success test, buy a car to send multiple surprises. About electric "8.26" success customers, ten Hao do not enjoy the ritual of the "about electricity" campaign in Beijing "8.26" new energy vehicles Yaohao clients as the object, as long as you enter the sign, Beiqi new energy WeChat public number and registration appointment drive, circle of friends to share. Then, to Beiqi new energy distribution shop test drive and receive 50 yuan gift sign. In August 28th in Beiqi new energy organization group purchase activities, can also be obtained under the single site ceremony, car decoration, gift gift, WeChat forward set ice enjoy summer gifts, E150EV replacement ceremony, scan code red ritual, ceremony and tour to raise public offers a total of ten heavy gift gift, the highest value of 50 thousand yuan. Let you enjoy non-stop success. August 28th Beiqi new energy will open the "hundred regiments favored full capital Car Buying season August 28th Beijing Jiuhua Spa & Resort, Beiqi new energy hot models EX200, EU260, EV160 will focus on the user and group purchase success, invited the Qinghai Lake event professional riders, was the scene of the customer with excellent performance of stunts, let you see Beiqi new energy vehicles electric vehicles. The third Qinghai Lake challenge electric cars car champion EX200 stunt "Gemini" hot, super awesome replacement policy held in July 2nd, thousands of people will be on the orders of the user group purchase, only one day is as high as 511, more than half of the users at the scene signing, verification of new energy Beiqi pure electric "Gemini" the product market appeal and charm. As the current market demand for new energy vehicles, EX200, EU260 equipped with a leading e-Motion Drive super electric drive technology, has strong technical advantage of "EIC". Match the longest mileage challenge held in August 20th, 21 days, 10 EU260 owners to drive from Beijing to travel 275 km to Qinhuangdao, the owner Chen Lei remaining mileage up to 54 kilometers, with a total mileage of 329 kilometers the number become this challenge champion. This fact not only eliminates the pure electric vehicle owners and potential users to worry about life problems, also continue to inspire the electric fans to buy confidence, the mileage of King "winner Chen Lei is nicknamed" Beiqi new energy EU260 was too polite to buy 260km life also presented 70km". Beiqi new energy EU260 owners won the "longest mileage challenge champion awesome products not only to the total mileage of 329 kilometers, in the marketing of new energy Beiqi also repeated the trick, first in the industry to launch replacement policies of old users — up to 9相关的主题文章: