6 year old girl died in the traffic accident scene, such as being arrested surrendered zhuxianduowan

6 year old girl died of traffic accident scene caught the perpetrators surrendered – Beijing newspaper news (reporter correspondent Xu Yingyan Yang Lanyun) "the perpetrators have been surrounded by masses, also get away, what can be called surrender?" Petitioner Yang questioned. "We the people generally think, should be surrendered to the public security bureau to just surrender. However, the law can be more than that. Knowingly while others reported waiting at the scene and arrested without resisting arrest behavior, and after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crimes, can be identified as surrender." Fujian Sea Law Firm lawyer Tang Hainan explained in person. This is a conversation that recently occurred in the Siming District of Xiamen city procuratorate meeting room of Fujian province. The Siming District procuratorate invited Hainan to participate, Tang Yang criminal appeal cases of public demonstration and public reply. August 5, 2015, the complainant Yang 6 year old daughter was killed in a traffic accident, the perpetrators were sentenced by the court in the case of traffic accident sentenced to imprisonment in one year and one month. The complainant believes that the court finds that the defendant should not surrender and sentencing abnormal light, then appeal to the Siming District People’s procuratorate. Procuratorate review, access to the original all files, visited the public security organs and the public prosecution department for the original, and met in Putian prison in the original defendant, listened to the views of the people fully appeal. Procuratorate after review that the original verdict that the defendant Panmou traffic accident crime qualitative correct; the defendant knowingly while others reported waiting at the scene and arrested without resisting arrest behavior, and after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, has voluntarily surrendered themselves in accordance with the law, there is no improper identification; after the incident on behalf of the families of the accused some compensation for economic losses of the victim side, the discretion given a lighter punishment nor improper. The original judgment to the defendant Panmou guilty of traffic crime, sentenced to imprisonment in one year and one month appropriate sentencing, the appeal case does not meet the conditions of protest, decided not to protest. Taking into account the complainant due to traffic accident behavior of the defendant and endured great pain of loss of female, several visitors are emotional, verbal excesses, the consent of the complainant, Siming District procuratorate decided to invite the lawyer in the reply and demonstration work. After screening, Siming District procuratorate invited 2 senior lawyers practicing for 20 years and has a wealth of the traffic accident, civil compensation case experience, through early marking, communication, make the lawyer in advance a comprehensive understanding of the risks and the judgment of the evidence in the case and answer the possible process was evaluated and plans to do. In the morning, the public response in public demonstration, in the process, the undertaker and the lawyer will not protest from different angles of the decision to review the complainant interpretation and reasoning, the complainant doubts about surrender, drunk driving and drug driving and other aspects of the identification and analysis of evidence shows a final appeal, to dispel the heart questioned. Lawyers involved in the appeal to reply to the neutral position of third parties to speak, people may listen more, can better resolve conflicts." Tang Hainan said. Since 2013, already has 7 pieces of Siming District procuratorate criminal appeal cases take a public.相关的主题文章: