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2016 Baidu world: Baidu finance to do the real meaning of financial technology – China news network, September 1, Xinhua   hot financial technology ushered in a real strength of the game players. On the afternoon of September 1st, in the 2016 Baidu world financial science and Technology Forum, Baidu senior vice president Zhu Guang, entitled "artificial intelligence driven financial technology in the future," the keynote speech. He said, Baidu is committed to becoming a real financial technology companies, the use of artificial intelligence and other technical advantages, the upgrading of traditional finance, inclusive finance dream." Baidu finance has reason to believe. On the morning of the 2016 Baidu World Forum, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li demonstrated the latest breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technology Baidu. The above Baidu gene technology is being injected into Baidu’s financial". The same day, Baidu financial management financial management service of Baidu vice president Zhang Xuyang, vice president in charge of consumer finance business of Baidu and Baidu financial development of Shuang Huang responsible Shen shaking were around the financial science and technology ", the latest progress of Baidu artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technology" into "wealth management, consumer finance business, to the outside world for the first time presents a complete map of the Baidu technology financial technology. Baidu also announced the financial forum, a collection of Baidu financial artificial intelligence, security, intelligence by the passengers, large data risk control, IT system, a full set of financial payment solutions for Baidu financial cloud (hundreds of partners on behalf of the scene, from CITIC Bank, Pacific Insurance, fund, securities, Shenwan Hong FICO and other traditional banking, insurance, funds, securities, trust, consumer credit and other industries to attend. Baidu financial innovation greatly solve the financial services field pain forum site, Zhu Guang explained in detail to identity authentication, Baidu finance large data risk control, intelligent investment consulting, quantitative investment, financial cloud as the representative of the five major financial technology development direction. These directions are derived from Baidu artificial intelligence, big data and other technical genes and the actual financial business generated in the internal Baidu positive chemical reaction. It is reported that the current Baidu has been included in the financial consumer, cash loans, business loans, personal wealth management, asset management, asset transaction data, financial services and other business layout. More complete financial business territory, give Baidu technology to give full play to the space. These services will help Baidu to explore the precise definition of the financial needs of the industry and the pain point for the proposition of technology output, and output solutions." Zhu Guang said. For example, for a period of time, the asset management industry’s asset shortage, increased credit risk, institutional investment strategy homogenization and other issues are increasingly prominent. In this regard, Zhang Xuyang at the forum to share information, Baidu finance large data extraction, and machine learning assistant investment decision-making technology, can provide more intelligent financial decision support services for professional financial partners. Similarly, in the field of wealth management, Zhang Xuyang said, Baidu financial technology is expected to explore the realization of investor risk appetite identification,.相关的主题文章: